Connect, Convene, Transform: Necc 2008 Remembered

I am still trying to process the entire NECC 2008 experience, though it is difficult. This year was the year of the C’s if someone had to ask me–there were many buzzwords that began with C, and not just those from the theme:






Some highlights:

The keyring that Kevin Honeycutt brought was a big hit. Teachers come to short trainings (Fifteen minutes?) and at end of sessions, receive a plastic laminated tag for their keyring. The front has the 2.0 tool name on it (i.e. Twitter, Plurk, Flickr, etc.) and the back has the URL and sometimes the name/contact of a helpful person.

Here we are –rocks stars for the moment right after our session at necc, but in all likelihood more like glowing in the shadow of Joyce Valenza, certified teacher librarian rock star–the rest of us, back up singers/players who may eventually grow into our own. (Picture bottom row l-r:Carolyn Foote, Joyce Valenza, Diane Cordell, Judy O’Connell, top row, l-r: Anita Beaman, me.) Where is Joyce’s badge? She such a known entity here at NECC, none is really needed.

My dinner mates (minus Scott McLeod, who is taking the picture) form Tuesday PM. We went to Rosario’s on South Alamo, and it is true I’m afraid. Doug Johnson, while in all his greatness in libraryland, is a self professed curmudgeon! (Pictured l-r: Miguel Ghulin, Ann Johnson, aka LWW, Wes Fryer, Dough Johnson, me)

EBC was fun–not the same as 2007, but I didn’t expect it to be. I expected more participants, and i was not disappointed. Conspicuously absent for me–> John Pederson.

Still trying to figure it all out. Can anyone else think of the C words that were buzzing?

7 thoughts on “Connect, Convene, Transform: Necc 2008 Remembered

  1. “Cathy” was a keyword for me – so wonderful to finally meet you in person 🙂

    Conversation was my favorite way to connect because it frequently led to cognition (and sometimes unexpected interpersonal chemistry!).

    Hope to C you again in the not too distant future (Hi, Carolyn).

    Mrs. Cordell

  2. @diane–you would say that! It was so awesome to be around the queen of metaphors-I loved your slides! Oh to be even a little like you.

    @Rob I had read that Steve was doing that, but could not muster getting out of bed before 10am today, and I never sleep late. NECC has just wiped me out, and ie yet to recover. Thanks for sharing the link so I can go back and see/listen/read what others said. Steve was AWESOME at the conference. Such a labor of love he puts into it, and it showed. Someday, my firend, we will meet f2f.

  3. Julianne wrote (via the contact form): “I really like the key ring idea. I went to the Upstate Technology Conference in Greenville, S.C. and left with a stack of notes and papers. It would have been much easier to have had a key ring with the information I needed!”

    WOw what a great idea! Thanks Kevin Honeycutt AND Julianne (jvkaye). This is a fabulous idea not only for quickie style staff developments, but also sessions at conferences–a keyring tag. Wonder how much a really hard plastic one would run me? I may have to look onto this seriously1

  4. Hi Cathy,

    Great getting to meet you in person. The supper was really fun. Nice picture! (Which one is me again?)

    All the best from your “old” friend.



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  6. community…wow, was mine enlarged!

    circle of influence…I plan to make sure mine is updated by all I saw, heard, and learned

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