Wes-you can drive my car!

Anyone know the Beatles song that goes, “Baby You Can Drive my Car…”?

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Along about Thursday evenings I’m delving into my iTunes looking for material to load up on my ipod for my weekend 170 mile trip home to my family. In order to listen to the radio, I’d have to channel surf every 30 miles or so. I have an ipod playlist called “1daysdrive.” What an odd name, you may be thinking, but I couldn’t generate any creative juices for the title of that playlist, and so to ensure it’s the FIRST one listed, I stuck a 1 at the beginning. That’s pretty creative, isn’t it? (Not my car, but I do drive a silver Sebring!)

Anyway, this last week I was looking for audio files to put in there to get me from Myrtle Beach to Rock Hill (South Carolina). So I selected 2 Guiding Lights, Kidcast #45 Speed Networking, two Wes Fryer podcasts (Moving at the Speed of Creativity, ), Geek!ed! #92, and if time permitted, Larry King Show w/ guest Jack Hanna. (Note: yes, the Larry King podcast is video, but I can still listen and enjoy most of the time. )

Yes, the soaps are my indulgence, and best they take roughly 25 minutes each. But I’m blogging about listening to one of Wes Fryer’s podcasts.

I have a confession to make. I almost skipped this one, as technically I had a little more than my 3-hour drive on the playlist. I was skeptical—social studies was never my forte, and the topic for this podcast, “21st Century Cartography,” did not interest me in the least. I grabbed it though, b/c I knew David Jakes has become the Google Earth expert lately, and since I had familiarity with David Jakes and Google Earth, I thought why not? Here is how Wes described it in his post:

This podcast features a recording of David Jakes’ excellent presentation about Google Maps and Google Earth at TechForum Southwest in Austin, Texas, on November 2, 2007. Every subject can be studied within a geographical context. Two freely available tools, Google Earth and Google Maps can be used by teachers and students to create rich learning environments that merge content, media, and geography to make learning truly engaging…

I guess what grabbed my attention was the “every subject studied in a geographical context.” I tell you it was well worth my time. I found myself answering aloud in my car the questions Jakes was asking the audience, expressing shock and disbelief at no answers or delayed, tentative answers. I know my kids use Google Earth at school—I didn’t download it, but it’s on almost every workstation in the library. I even came in and twittered @djakes how wonderful it was and would he consider a Ustream of that same preso for my teachers! Well low and behold, he direct messaged me that we could talk, and I do believe it will happen! David Jakes even followed up last night with a Skypechat too. I told my principal, who asked about our options for a video conference. I shared that I had successfully used Skype/Yugma and Ustream at school, which were both viable solutions, and our state offers any educator a portal into Elluminate too, and we could probably get district support for that one. So she said let’s go for it, and is currently checking her calendar for an appropriate date or two. So I am so excited to have this as a distinct possibility for our faculty/staff. I just hope it truly comes to fruition. If you have not listened to this one, here is that podcast.

I have to thank Wes Fryer, b/c he is constantly challenging my thinking, and bringing some of the most dynamic speakers, presenters, and learning into my world via his blog/podcasts. I would have never even thought to pursue this had I not taken a chance and listened to a podcast that at first thought, almost did not make the cut. But I knew Wes never disappoints me w/ his material, so I listened. I am so glad I did! Yes Wes (and David Jakes too, I guess), baby you can drive my car!

6 thoughts on “Wes-you can drive my car!

  1. Cathy,

    I know ALL of the Beatles songs. I remember when my Mom watched a 15-minute version of Guiding Light (paired with Search for Tomorrow); the soaps eventually went to one hour, and Mom’s daily schedule underwent a major overhaul.

    But downloading podcasts…guess I’ll finally have to get that iPod I received for a birthday gift last May out of the box and fire it up. I can do this. It’s time.


  2. @diane
    i quit watching the soaps years ago, only occasionally watching (which amazingly allowed me to stay up on the story-lines. I love the podcasts cuz they have NO commercials and are succinct (and narrated where necessary!) Get the ipod out-you have plenty in your network to help. You will be truly tranformed.

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