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Yesterday I conducted an experiment to see if new flooring in sections of my library were causing my sunburn-like, itchy discomfort, and swelling around my eyes that I have been suffering with since early November.

Hypothesis: New flooring/carpeting in the library office and video editing studio are causing me to have an allergic reaction (as described above.)

Test: Stay away from the library office and production studio all day Friday, January 4 (which means stay out of the library all day)

Observable Results: I had no swelling, itching, or suburned look around my eyes all day Friday, Jan 4.

Here are two photos–one taken in August 07 as I was sharing about my eye surgery, and then the same eye in mid November 07.


Implications: A district office person in charge of construction & renovation came over to inquire about it, and he will investigate replacing the flooring in the two rooms, the library office and studio.

In the mean-time: I will return to the library Monday (second test) but stay out of the office and the studio, keeping the doors totally closed. The students who do the morning news program will have to be temporarily supervised by someone else until the flooring is replaced.

Other notes: no one else has indicated they may be having the same problems I have had, but from my own informal observation, I am the only one who has been in the studio and the office for long lengths of time. I have spent each morning from 7:30 through 8:45 daily in there, and then in the library office I have spent roughly 1/4 of the day, including lunchtime, where myself, my assistance, and various visitors, including the curr. specialist, school resource officer, and assorted others eat lunch each day.

Final thoughts–if the flooring is not removed in an expeditious manner, I will be forced to resort to asking for workman’s comp to seek medical attention for the symptoms that seem to be increasing in severity as each day passes. Wednesday and Thursday last week were the worst I had ever been up to date. Bummer.

3 thoughts on “Allergy update

  1. New floors and carpets contain many chemicals that can cause reactions. Unfortunately, even the glue and backings can do it, so having them replace with more new stuff might not help. I’d certainly recommend you make them install a HEPA filter at least, though it won’t help with vapors. If you have anything to say about flooring replacement, request plain old linoleum with low-VOC glue.

  2. Lisa it is funny you suggest that b/c before the carpet was laid in the library ofice, I had tile. When my principal told me they were going to lay down carpet, I did request that I be allowed to keep the tile, but she said it had already been decided when they made the list of renovations, and beyond our control. We even laughed afterwards about how good it looked after I had bemoaned wanting to keep my tile floor. As far as the studio, I complained regularly about the smell–a strong odor of soured milk in my opinion, and my principal said they came over a weekend and ripped up the carpet and laid down new carpet with a different glue. That was in mid November. Remember the studio was released to us Nov. 8. LOL. I’m sure I am costing them a bunch. I think I will go back and beg for tile in both locations…unless they surprise me and do it over the weekend–whatever they plan to do.

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