Celebrate good times–c’mon!

I accidentally discovered tonight that this blog of mine has been nominated for a 2007 Edublog Award under the category of “Best Librarian Blog.” You see I was getting ready to post my “history” as shared recently by Kathy Schrock and Doug Johnson, since I aspire to be like them. I also thought that posting my history would afford me the chance to reflect on my career (the good and the not so good.) In the dashboard feature of the Edublog platform I use, one can see the most recent pingbacks under the section called “Latest Activity.” I nearly fainted when I saw it. First let me say thanks to any of my readers who follow me. I’m amazed when people tell me they read my blog. For the longest time I really felt I blogged in vain. Gradually I began getting comments, and found that along with the clustr map enough affirmation to continue. My blog is really just a reflection on my own personal journey in using web 2.o tools, and hopefully enough encouragement to get others to join in and use these tools too, for professional growth AND student learning. WOW I am still amazed to get this nomination! I am in some good company, and feel honored to be there with other librarians. ( I also had to laugh when I realized I subscribe to ALL the nominees already.) Want to see who is nominated? Click here. Want to vote? Click here.

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