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Today I was asked to share at a faculty meeting about the upcoming 2007 K12Online Conference that kicks off October 8th with an opening keynote by David Warlick. My principal assured me the last five minutes of the meeting were mine to do this promotion. I worried that no one would be interested b/c at the end of a MONDAY at the end of a faculty meeting (it even sounds depressing!) no one would listen or care. So I had to come up with a plan to entice them. I am ever so thankful for the teasers that have been posted this year. They are all good. I decided to show 2 very short ones, so I began going through them. Some did not make my cut b/c they were too long (but still good.) I wound up using Ben Wilkoff’s “How do you create change?” and Sylvia Martinez‘s “Technology Professional Decvelopment: Challenging Assumptions.” In the middle of these two videos I played up the conference being a free, anytime, anywhere professional development opportunity. Sylvia had encouraged me to use Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach‘s quote of:

…the event is completely free. It allows you to participant as much or as little as you want, whenever, and wherever you feel comfortable. Important thinkers and dreamers and practitioners will present. Connect yourself with their visions of how our schools are evolving, how learning is changing…(Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach)

But I kind of liked the way Sylvia paraphrased it, and since I was limited on time, I said in her paraphrased way:

Freedom, choice, empowerment. People who will inspire you. Connect as much or as little as you like.

In the middle I also talked up David Warlick (and I’m shocked to have to report no one on my staff new who David Warlick was!!) I pulled up the Quicktime video of his opening keynote from last year. I played and fast forwarded to show how he made his opening keynote, being in his home office, then the car, folllowed by on the walking trail, the train rails, and finally back in his office doing how to’s for using the resource he was plugging–one of his own if memory serves. I also made the comparison to learning on the rails, and traveling different paths (and speeds) in this come as you are, take what you need to know conference. I went over by about 2 minutes, but all were VERY interested. I only printed 20 K12Online flyers, but had to promise to print more. I’m pleased to know I had more interest than what I prepared for. Many asked a lot of questions afterwards, and as we dismissed, some told me they couldn’t wait to check it out.

I know I was enthusiastic in my short presentation, but I really hope some follow through with this.

Last–the other day I blogged about my sunk ipod that won’t work anymore. My principal seemed to have found me a great “used” one and privately presented it to me after the meeting today. It’s a 30 gb one, and I have no idea its generation, but it plays video, and she gave it to me to have. I am in high cotton once again. Now I can patiently wait for Christmas to get a new one. 🙂

3 thoughts on “K12Online -1 week away!

  1. Awesome! Hope to see lots of your colleagues there.
    btw.. the quote is mostly John Pederson’s – he is on the PR committee for K12Online and we all shared each other’s messages in our communications.


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