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Carolyn Foote of the Blog Not So Distant Future has asked the we support Global Library 2.0 Week (which is next week) by sharing ways we will connect with fellow librarians and educators using our web 2.0 tools. My desire is to connect, collaborate, create, reflect, and learn which is similar to Mitch Resnick’s cycle of Kindergarten learning, which is imagine–>create–>play–>share–>reflect–>then start over again with share…Mitch Resnick’s model was shared at NECC07 & BLC07.

This image (thanks Ewan McIntosh for sharing it!) has really gotten in my head this week. Mitch also has another picture of what school typically winds up being, which is really scary, and everything I want to avoid as an educator. I’ll let you go look at it here. So I accept the challenge Carolyn has posted about sharing the ways we will connect to implement the learnings from the professional development opportunities I’ve had (which come from a slew of resources, including my Bloglines, my iTunes (podcasts), my attendance at NECC, and my “virtual” attendance at BLC, just to name a few.)

Here are some ideas I am working on now:

  • Booktalk wiki with my friend in Marietta, Ga.
  • Classes making videos for TeacherTube this year to share with the world–I hope to connect with a media specialist somewhere to get the kids working together…
  • Create a blog for the library (it will be my first year in this school) and get students from across the district, state, and maybe further to participate…
  • Collaborate on pathfinders, and make them a part of a wiki project–having media specialist, teachers, and even students make contributions

Lofty goals, I know. Hopefully I’ll successfully implement some of them. Thanks, Carolyn, for this challenge. Sometimes we need to be pushed a little to get some momentum going.

McIntosh, Ewan. “What Kindergarten is Like.” Edublogger’s Photostream. 19 July 2007. 20 Jul 2007 <>.

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3 thoughts on “Joining the network…

  1. You’re welcome. Those are some great ideas.

    I’m also hoping to explore creating wiki pathfinders–saw some great models from Joyce Valenza at NECC. I’ve really been reflecting on the fact that I need to ask students what they already know, and give them opportunities to share their knowledge,as well as sharing mine with them.

  2. You have a nice blog here. I like your contrast of what school could be and what it in reality is for most students. It really is that. I know I
    felt like that almost my whole education, being broadcasted at, except for a few times. But the power of those times stuck with me, and I became an educator.
    Funny, I had a thousand bad experiences in school, and just a few good fertile ones and those I the things I remember.

  3. I too hope persue the pathfinder idea and hope to find ideas in your work and that of Joyce. Thanks for your comment on my blog…I count getting to “know” you as one of my BLC take aways and I am glad to have you in my PLN.

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