I’ve Moved

August 8, 2008 makes it one week since I’ve moved to my own domain. If you are looking for my blog, try these feeds:





I have been asked more than once why I abandoned Edublogs. I don’t feel like I have in reality. I still have a school library blog that I will continue to use, and I have another teacher at my school asking about blogging with her students, so I will be showing her Edublogs too.  I can attribute ALL my blogging skills to my time here at Edublogs, and will continue to plug it for those hunting for a user friendly platform.  I have heard just today others plugging the use of Edublogs too. Bob Sprankle did in his BLC08 session which I listened to today.  It’s a great platform that is easy, user friendly, and definitely worth promoting.

But please come on over to my new blog’s home!  Update your feeds if you use an aggregator.

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