Sigh. Sorry to do this but I am. I’ve had a set back with my allergic reactions, and this week it has been back with a vengeance. I still do not know what is causing it. If you visit my photostream and look at the set called alergies, you can see a history there. Note the lines under my eyes in this photo. Those are not “wrinkles” from age, but rather wrinkles from where all the swelling went down. They are above the eyes too, and looking at the right eye in this photo, you can see my lid appears to be drooping. It is–when the swelling went down the skin sags. Maybe in the morning they will appear more normal.

(Oh the vertical line b/w my eyebrows–yep-that is a true wrinkle. Does that mean I frown a lot?)

What to do?

I called and the doctor who said I should make an appointment with an allergist. Upon making the appointment for an allergist back in April, I found out the cost for a new patient workup was a minimum $600 (to cover costs of tests, etc.) and then my first office visit was an additional $300. That is outrageous. I canceled the appointment then. I have my state health insurance, but I must pay a deductable up front of $500. While this may not be much for others, it is quite a hit for me. So now we are planning (isn’t that crazy) for this huge cost since the allergy seems to come and go now. Sigh. Wish over the counter drugs would keep it from coming back. Anyone know any herbal remedies that stave off allergies from an unknown source?

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  1.   Buffy Hamilton Says:

    Cathy, I am so sorry you are suffering so! Our state offers several HMO plans, and it paid for all of my testing and allergy shot serum. I only have to pay a $25 co-pay on my shots (which does add up when you are in the acceleration phase for two shots a week for three months, but it is worth it). I don’t remember how much the skin test and first visit cost, but I know the serum is expensive since it is custom made for each patient—mine is about $1500 each time they have to make a new batch, but Blue Choice HMO pays for all of that. For me, I had to go to shots….I am allergic to everything, and shots completely changed the quality of life for the better.

    I take Zyrtec D along with my shots, and I have a nasal spray. I know those are not herbal, but you might give those a try. If I get into a lot of dust when I am cleaning or get exposed to grass pollen, I too get the swelling puffy eye syndrome. Over the counter Benadryl definitely helps with that although it knocks me out! If you get a bad episode, though, you might try that.

    I know the expense of the initial treatment is a lot, but the shots have totally made my life 100% better. I hope you are feeling better soon, and hang in there!!!

  2.   Pat Says:

    I am so allergic to everything that it is a pain in the neck when I want to do something. I am allergic to trees, leaf mold, dust, etc. (basically the world) and since I love to hike, this causes a big problem in my life. Luckily I hike with a wonderful doctor who suggested that I take an allergy pill before I do something that I know will set off my allergies. So, before I go hiking I take an Allegra (I used to take Claritin) but the prescription for Allegra is cheaper than buying Claritin over the counter. If I do that, I don’t have much trouble with my allergies. If I don’t take the pill BEFORE I hike, that night my face will swell up like a balloon and I will be itchy for days. I don’t know if this will help you at all but if you know something sets it off, you might try Claritin before you do it.

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