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In my reader today I ran across Jim Gates‘ recommendation of a fun picture taking tool–all that is needed is a webcam. Check mine out! I’m going to find someway to use this app at school for sure. I think it could be a “fund raiser” in the library. What do you think? Shh I won’t say it’s a free online app!

All are from my flickrstream!

1. snapshot(4), 2. snapshot(3), 3. snapshot(2), 4. snapshot

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  1.   jvkaye Says:

    Where do you find all these neat tools.I look foward to reading your blog just to see what new tools you will mention I can check out!

  2.   Cathy Nelson Says:

    You are so funny. THIS is the epitomized beauty of having a PLN (a professional learning network.) By reading blogs and using social networking tools (Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, and more)–and then having those RSS feeds bring it all to one place, my reader, I learn tons–and probably should share more than the whimsical or rants like have done of late. Do not underestimate the power of a PLN. As you skirt around in the tools (and I have seen you around) try to find like-minded people or people who will stretch your learning and challenge your thought processes. Cultivate these people as members of your PLN. They do not have to know exactly who you are to be a contributing member in your PLN. I really doubt Jim Gates even knows who I am, but I do enjoy reading what he shares. Glad to have you in my PLN, and that I am part of yours. I like to compare my PLN to those Verizon guys on the tv commercial. They are always out and about and available, 27-7.

  3.   Ldierks Says:

    So fun! Can’t wait to show my teachers and see what cool projects come out of it.

    Ditto on jvkaye’s post. Thanks!

  4.   Cathy Nelson Says:

    @ldierks Thanks. What is truly funny about those photos is I am just getting over a nasty allergic reaction, and my eyes are really red and swollen–I look like Ive been in on the losing end of a middle school fight!! Ive been having allergy problems where the flesh around my eyes (cheeks, eyelids, eyebrows) burns, itches, and becomes swollen and well, you can imagine. But it is not affecting my eyes like watery, itchy–just a flesh around my eyes and my eye lids. ??? With all the distractions in those pictures I did not mind snapping the webcam!

  5.   ken rodoff Says:

    I am training my 2 boys as ninjas…that way, they can hide in the shadows when their younger sisters bring boys home. this app. will provide visual focus for my young warriors. Thanks

  6.   Sharon Elin Says:

    This looks like lots of fun! Thanks!

    Like you, I’ve been nourished and inspired by all of the professional connections I’ve made through social networking, specifically, Plurk and Ning (personally, I prefer Plurk rather than Twitter).

    It floors me to think how much I’ve learned and how many resources I’ve accumulated in just a few short weeks since joining the network! Makes my head bobble!

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