E-reads for Admin

Name: 1.0 k12 administrator

Infraction: 1.0 ways

What have you tried to improve the behavior? Prescribed involvement with 2.0 tools

Isn’t this sort of how most discipline referrals start? No, seriously I am not making a joke out of discipline referrals, nor am I insinuating that school leaders are not doing a great job, and besides the vast majority of referrals are written by other educators, and not necessarily administrators. My own husband is an assistant principal at a high school, and so I know how crazy a typical day can be. Please hear me out. I’m more than likely going to add to their already full plate, but hopefully they will develop a hunger for this if they will just try it.

Try what?

Read a few blogs. See what the hoopla is all about. No, administrators do not have to begin with publishing their own, though it may come eventually, but not necessarily. My recommendation is to simply read some. Maybe comment here and there. That would be a fabulous start.


I have recently pushed some local voices and some teacher-librarian voices in my blog. Today I want to push some administrator voices. These are not just any voices mind you, but voices who can attest to the power of forward thinking, student engagement, and learning through the use of 21st century tools–namely, blogs. I have heard (and read) Will Richardson say the embracing of 21st century tools comes when educators jump in and use them. From their experiences using the tools comes the realization that the tools quite possibly could be a catalyst to engaging learners. (See the You Tube video below to hear his exact wording.) The key though is experiencing them yourself first. So here are some administrative authored blogs I read and/or recommend:

Leadertalk (a group blog written by school leaders)

Dave Sherman’s The Principal and Interest

Random Thoughts of an Admin-Lifer

Glenn Moses’ MrMoses.org

Jeannette Johnson’s From the Principal’s Desk

Melinda Miller’s The Principal Blog

The Principal’s Page


Dennis Richards’ Innovation3 (Surprise – a superintendent’s blog!)

Homework: Read

Okay this is a good start. Now it will help tremendously IF a reader is used, and I can speak from experience when I say Google-Reader or Bloglines work well. These make this reading happen in one location rather than visiting all of them individually. The reader also has a way to show when there is new content, so no time wasted. Sorry, it’s hard to plug reading blogs without talking about using an RSS reader. But fear not, just jump in and use the tools . Then it will all make sense. The result will be a new and improved school leader if this prescription is followed.

Want to hear Will’s exact words? Watch this video.


Image: ‘3D Team Leadership Arrow Concept

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  1.   Dave Sherman Says:

    Thank you so much for including me in this wonderful list! I really appreciate it. Good luck with your blogging.

  2.   Jeremiah Patterson Says:


    Thank you for sending folks my way. Your list bears a striking similarity to my own blogroll. I especially enjoy reading Dave Sherman and Chris Lehmann.


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