Tweet Cloud X2

After reading Clay Burell today and seeing his Tweet Cloud, I decided to rerun mine from earlier. Why would I want to revisit something that has seemingly caused unrest and turmoil? Well first off, it is now a meme thanks to Clay. I don’t know, but my earlier stab at a tweet cloud was ran without including my @ symbol. That is really not a fair representation, because according to the new Tweet Cloud where I did include it, I spend the vast majority of my Twitter posts using that little symbol we know as “at.” So this is probably a truer representation of my tweets because I have a tendency to respond to my network rather than lead, self promote, or introduce them to my ideas or ways of thinking. Anyhow I’m proud to see that my Tweet Cloud shows this! I don’t have to say it, and you don’t have to believe it. Let my tweet cloud speak for its self.

Oh and <blush> the word “form” made it! My keyboard will not type “from.”

And last, speaking of those in my network who “tweet” new blog posts, I say THANKS. I love getting this preview before it hits the readers. It is like a sneak peek of something that has not been released, and my opinion is valued so much so that I got an early invitation. It makes the post even more special to me. So please keep them coming. Also, remember all the confessions lately where some have allowed twitter to replace their reader? And I confess too–once I am behind by 300+ new posts, I mark all as read and pray that my Twitter network has kept me in the loop. So far that has worked well.

Yes, this is much more reflective of my Twitter use, for good or bad.

UPDATE:  Twitter Cloud Poetry:

beach best

needs network

friends from fun

today tomorrow tonight

tools trying tools twitter

class cld come comment

students sure talk

kids know

These are certainly some interesting strings of words….

LARGE words strung together:

blog day no need network new pix post thanks time today twitter – Now someone make me a prolific and memorable sentence.

11 Responses to “Tweet Cloud X2”

  1.   Sue Waters Says:

    I really need to teach you how I can get through those 300+ posts and not have an issue :) .

    I’m still busy plotting how I can remove the term hubby from my tweetcloud. Thinking of calling him the person who can’t be named?

  2.   Cathy Nelson Says:

    @Sue–Doug Johnson always refers to his wife as LWW (which he translates Luckiest Woman in the World) I think it’s cute, and he seems to get away with it. His Twitter avatar, btw, shows a picture of George and Laura Bush, but Doug has photoshopped his head on George’s body. Look at him –he is doug0077 in twitter. Funny.

    Yes, sometimes my 300+ gets to be too much. But I manage. I could, however, probably use more tips on reading so many. Tried SO HARD to put a few to bed and unsubscribe.

  3.   dmcordell Says:


    Took the challenge, unlocked my Twitter updates and came up with this

    Thanks for the fun – both here and on Twitter.


  4.   Kate Olson Says:

    Cathy – I hate to admit that my reader is NEVER under 1000+ unread and probably never will be (I subscribe to a LOT of feeds for “someday” reading), but I do love the variety of posts I find on a daily basis from twitter. Your tweetcloud really does show your true use of the tool and I thank you for sharing it with me (us). Oh, and I love that you use b/c so much, I do that too :-) I did my tweetcloud today as well, thanks for the link earlier today!

  5.   Cathy Nelson Says:

    You and I both are in need of some helpful tips for managing our readers! smiles. Thanks so much for being in my network and being a vocal supporter. :)

  6.   Sue Waters Says:

    @Cathy not sure if I could call my hubby LMW — will have to think of another term. My first question to both you and Kate regarding your reader is which reader are you using? Maybe there lies the issue.

  7.   Cathy Nelson Says:

    Sue–I like Bloglines. I tried G-Reader but just did not like the busy interface.

  8.   Kate Olson Says:

    Sue – I’m using Google Reader and I know what my main problem is :-) It’s that I often go for a few days without even opening it! I email subscribe to my favorite blogs and read so many from twitter that often I’ve already read some of the feeds before I even get to Google Reader! I like to subscribe to a lot of feeds because I use it as a blog search engine for when I’m looking for posts on particular topics.

  9.   Sue Waters Says:

    @Cathy sorry but I think there lies your problem. Google Reader isn’t busy there are some strategies for using it effective. Perhaps I should do a live online session using it?

    @Kate shame on you! LOL My Google Reader is part of my routine. iGoogle is my homepage. All my feeds from Twitter come into it — including the link monitor that captures the links from twitter. It can save you time if you use it wisely.

  10.   Cathy Nelson Says:

    @Sue–I could probably use a personal tour of the g-reader management system, as well as your references to igoogle. What do you have coming into your igoogle page for twitter links? how? demo?

  11.   Sue Waters Says:

    Mainly my gmail and Google Reader. But I do also have some bookmarks e.g. links to work email account — that I don’t want shared. Can use Elluminate.

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