Do you recognize these southern voices?

I want to share some favorites from my reader that may not be widely known. I do have my favorites (many that reside in my “Experts” folder or my “Women Bloggers” folder.) You can see many of these by glancing over at my blogroll if you visit my actual blog site.

But today I want to highlight a few of the reads I am excited to click on when I see my reader boasts of new content on their blogs. Maybe you are already aware of these people, maybe not. Either way, I want to know who the unknowns are in your reader too—people that perhaps are unknown to me. In my spring-cleaning I am cleaning out the reader too, dropping a few blogs to make room for new voices. So I am up for recommendations.

Here is a short list of new (or new to me) bloggers who I think you might enjoy adding to your reader. Best, they are of the local flavor, meaning they are from my home state, the “Palmetto” state, South Carolina, right here in the good ol’ USA:

  • Heather Loy’s Tech Tips and Timely Tidbits In her own words my SC LMS friend strives to share a lot through her blog, with her primary target being the extended family she knows as faculty and staff right their in her high school. But she can also add a refreshing voice to your mix too, and seems to give great reviews and real life application of tools you may be considering. I am so glad she jumped into the blogging world, as I think I have a lot to learn form her. She is a teacher-librarian, aka school library media specialist. She has much to offer to expand your mind and thinking. It just so happens she is also another cutting edge educator from South Carolina.
  • MaryAnn Sansonetti blogs over at Snapshots of Technology Integration. She’s a rising star (literally—A Discovery Education Network Star Educator) and has her hand in many areas of the educational technology arena. She writes about her thoughts on how to merge technology and education, looking for seamless integration and opportunities to showcase engaged students in learning atmospheres.
  • John Woodring over at TeacherBytes has spent his blogging trying to bring technology news and information for educators together. What John offers is a mix of his opinion, reviews of tools, and a perspective form his own experiences using digital tools in a teaching environment. Yes, he actually works directly with students, and seeks to hook other educators (the professional learners) up with innovative ideas, new tools, and best practice in the classroom. He provides staff development often, and I’ve never read a rant on his blog (something I sometimes am given to do.) A true southern gentleman.
  • Bill Gaskins, author of Blogging on the Bay is one I discovered not to long ago, but it has been fun reading his posts. I am amazed at how we think a lot alike, and I find that we face similar frustrations concerning filters, and we both have a strong desire to see our environments become more relevant to our students by using 21st century tools. Like me, I sense that Bill is very passionate about being a catalyst for positive change at his school.
  • Stacey Samborski is the author of Reading Rocks at D.R. Hill Middle School. Her byline on this blog says it all: Where we read to succeed… Stacey’s primary goal is to blog about books that her middle schoolers are reading, engaging them in finding their digital voice in the review process. While I am about so much more than reading (horrors I confess, I push digital learning as much as the printed word in my library!!) I find Stacey’s blog refreshing, thorough on reviews of books, and downright pretty. You will also find a few podcasts of different material as well. A great mix of material for a focus on reading, and yet another South Carolina educator. I also like that I can see what the kids think about the reviews there. I recently used her reviews to add some books to my own library shelves. If you work with middle schoolers, teachers of reading, or librarians, Stacey has a great blog to follow.

Okay, there are several other South Carolinian voices to share, like the widely known Chris Craft of Crucial Thought and lovable Pat “Loonyhiker” from Successful Teaching. There are more, but I think I’ll wait and highlight them later. Check these voices I’ve highlighted out. Try them on in your reader for size. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

So, now that I’ve shared some voices you may not have known that are somewhat local to me, who are your local rising stars?

5 Responses to “Do you recognize these southern voices?”

  1.   Heather Loy Says:

    Wow! Thanks for the kind words and the shout out! Hope I can live up to them.

  2.   John Woodring Says:

    Thanks for the kind words Cathy but which folder do I reside in?

  3.   Cathy Nelson Says:

    @John–You are in my SC Educators folder, of course, the first one I read each day.

  4.   Bill Gaskins Says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate your support and friendship. I look forward to one day meeting you in person.


  5.   Pat Says:

    Since I’m on the road, I’ve gotten behind on my blog reading but I was so thrilled to see myself mentioned on your blog! You made my day! Thank you!

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