Been looking at tweetclouds for some. This mashup (if that’s what it is called) is enlightening, and shows what our tweets are primarily centered on. By looking at my cloud, I must promote Twitter quite a bit, since that word is most frequently used in my tweets. ??? I know I ask for “hello’s” on an infrequent basis, but oh geez, is that what I’m known for in Twitter? <redfaced> In my own defense, when I ask for shoutouts, I usually ask for folks to make a contribution to what I’m presenting. The last time I did this I asked for folks to say hello and say how they use RSS. I got some powerful hellos and great fodder to use in my session no less. So I don’t particularly think I wasted anyone’s time, and my attendees loved it–Many of them went right home and jumped in twitter. Oh well. Might explain why some of my former followers, like the now infamous David Jakes, have dropped me. I hereby declare to make more quality contributions to the conversation in Twitter in 140 characters or less. Now who will hold me accountable?

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  1.   John Pederson Says:

    Never overthink Twitter. Trying to understand “Why?” focuses too much attention on the tool.

  2.   Cathy Nelson Says:

    Good point John–thanks

  3.   Ann Oro Says:

    I am jealous of all the Twitterclouds. So I dropped my protected status to create the cloud…and the site is busy. Nice, short post. You learned your OpenPD lesson on brevity. It’s hard sometimes when you have a lot you want to explain. I’ve headed down that route recently. I’m really curious to see what mine looks for.

    You do take the time to say “thanks” pretty often too. That’s always a good thing.

  4.   Cathy Nelson Says:

    @Ann THANKS! Just kidding, but really, I do mean it. Must be my southern charm, afta-ahll, Ah a-um a suthuner! When I did the Tweetcloud, I left it running–it took a while, The more tweets you have the longer it takes. So start it in a tab, open a new tab, and comeback to it when it is done.

  5.   Robin Ellis Says:

    Cathy, I was happy to see you were in class. I thought the conversation was terrific, many good tips for anyone who blogs. Probably one of the best classes ever, thanks for being part of it!

  6.   Frank's Blog Says:

    When I looked at my tweetcloud a couple weeks ago when someone else (can’t remember who right now) blogged about theirs, my biggest words where THANKS and @KOLSON29 … It made me think do I say THANKS too much and do I have an obsession with Kate? So I cut back a little on both, hahaha! Nothing personal, Kate. Oh and THANKS for this post!

  7.   Cathy Nelson Says:

    @David Jakes – Guess I needed that–though it wasn’t meant in a negative way. Just wanted to say the “following” wasn’t as important. And also that using the @ doesn’t necessarily mean a thing. I use twitter for my personal learning. period.


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