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I have been tagged once again for a meme; Thanks Liz (you are driving me from the airport to the hotel in Philly, don’t forget! ) This one though is a meme for your goals. Ha! One step ahead, cuz i already did that. So I’ll just link to it here: 2008 Goals.

What? I was supposed to list 8, and that link only lists 4? Okay let’s recap and add to the list:

  1. (Recap) Shorter blog posts
  2. (Recap) Relocate my blog (still working on this)
  3. (Recap) Add video to my blog mix
  4. (Recap) Redesign my presentations –NO bullet points; more pictures and storytelling]
  5. (Not on original post) Reduce caffeine intake (five diet mountain dews in one day is way too much)
  6. (Not on original post) Eventually eliminate soft drinks from my diet–I actually drank MILK tonight instead of a diet mountain dew!! (Extra info–I had to put ice cubes in it, which my 17 yo son said was gross!)
  7. (Not on original post) Increase physical activity (and hopefully shed a few pounds)
  8. (Not on original post) Create screencasts –Liz, I love the screencasts on your blog, and aim to make some of my own, both for 2.0 tools AND for using the library’s online catalog! So tired of telling kids how to find the lexile level of a book.

Here are the guidelines, and here are the people Im tagging:

The Bucket List meme was started by Jeff Pulver and is based on the movie. It seems to have not evolved much and is still essentially a list of things you hope to accomplish in 2008.

Tag! Your it:

Ann, Allanah, and NZ Chrissy

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Image: ‘Mistaken For Strangers

Image: ‘Dew on table

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  1.   Rob Darrow Says:

    Whoa! 5 Diet Mountain Dews a day! That is a lot of caffeine. I’m happy to say I can survive a stressful day with just two Diet Pepsi’s! :-)

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