Shameful Self Promotion

Today I am writing about self promotion!  It’s so hard to do that, but it was a necessary evil that I succumbed to today. I will share about my eye doctor’s visit and an article I was asked to write up for the SCASL Media Center Messenger (our state school library asssociation’s quarterly journal.)

First up–Eye Doctor Visit
The appointment today was a six month follow up to my eye surgery from August. I wrote about it before here.  Today I find that my vision is 20/20 and 20/25 BUT I have developed “yag,” a side effect where scar tissue is causing my vision to be a little cloudy.  I have to go back in for a treatment which essentially means they will buff the sack that the synthetic lens sits in, and eleminate the cloudy effect.  I hadn’t really noticed that my vision was a little cloudy, but described it more as a little blurry.  My doctor (Dr. Christenbury) says it’s very common and very correctable.  I also will get a touch up Lasik procedure to make my eyes vision balanced and even better.  Woo haa!

Second, I was asked to write up an article for the Media Center Messenger about my Edublogs Award Nomination.  Does anyone know how hard it is to brag on one’s self?  I struggled with what to write, but I really felt it does deserve a mention, so I wrote the article. I did ask the editor of the journal to place it in the journal as written anonymously or written by her, the editor, as I felt it would look bad if I signed it as author.  But you know what? Anyone who knows my writing style will immediately know I wrote it.  Perhaps I’ll resend it and write in first person instead.  I’ll think about it.

What? You wish to see it? Ask, and I’ll send you the copy. Comment and include your email in the comment form (which will not be public) and I’ll be sure to share my little self serving promotion of “Cathy Nelson” who DID NOT win the 2007 Eddie, but instead has won much more.  Yes, that’s exactly how I feel.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll get back to the business of writing about well…, ya know…, my “professional thoughts.”

7 Responses to “Shameful Self Promotion”

  1.   diane Says:


    I don’t feel it’s “shameful self promotion” if it’s true. Toot that horn, girl!

    And please send me a copy of the article.

    Glad to hear that your eyes are progressing nicely. Good times all ’round.


  2.   Sue Waters Says:

    Cathy – I would really love to read it but Australia is a long (costly) way to send it. Is it easier to scan it and put it onto Flickr for us to check out?

  3.   Helen Says:

    Congrats Cathy! I’d love to read your “shameless” self-promo. Sometimes we have to honk our own horns and be proud. This way, I can say I knew you when… :-)

  4.   David Says:

    I don’t see this as a shameless self-promotion. It’s an honor to receive this award and you put in the work to make this blog award worthy.
    Don’t be modest and enjoy your celebrity for the time being. Congratulations!

  5.   technotuesday Says:

    @Diane, Sue, and Helen–thanks for letting me share my article. I’ll be sure to let you three know how it was received. Also, I went back and fixed te typical cathy-like typos. They would have been a dead give away too!

  6.   technotuesday Says:

    @David Thanks so much for that vote of confidence too. Smiles on the outside; wide grins inside!

  7.   Paula Says:

    I, too, would like to see your article. I told you before – if you don’t put it out there – very few of your fellow professionals would know of your success. If you lead – some of us will follow! Besides – you are a winner in my book! Paula

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