Who drove my car this week?

Today for my weekly drive home, once again I listened to the ipod. When I first got in the car, I put on the ear buds, fired up my ipod to my “1daysdriveplaylist” and then became a wee bit (almost) profane when I realized I did not synch up my new list! No matter b/c the Sean Hannity radio show was recapping the Myrtle Beach Republican Presidential Debate from Thursday (a local event that TOTALLY snarled traffic around town), and so I listened to him as he did a lot of candidate bashing! Note if you haven’t seen the sand castle debate pictures, click here. That was the biggest traffic nightmare of them all!
When I finally lost the radio show, I carefully navigated the steering wheel of my car and the navigational wheel of my ipod, deciding I’d just listen from the podcasts, ABC order, whatever was new.

So today I listened to a short book podcast by New Zealand’s Allanah K‘s year 4 students in their podcast Appleby Airwaves. She has a great resource to help understand how her kids are able to do this.

The next podcast alphabetically available was Bob Sprankle’s Bit by Bit. But JOY-JOY-JOY it was one I had pulled into my “1daysdrive” playlist that I forgot to synch. It was the last of the sessions he attended and podcast from the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference 2007. The featured speaker was Dr. Tim Tyson, and his topic was “The Blogging School.” I enjoyed this one, especially since my principal has just gotten the blogging bug, and wants help beginning hers. YEP. I plan to share this one with her too.

Visit the podcast here:

Bit By Bit Podcast: January 10, 2008
Show 61

So in any event, what is on my ipod in straight ABC order is great stuff too–of course it is, I handpicked the podcasts I subscribe too. So anyway, I’ve got two more drivers to add to my driving list: Bob Sprankle and Tim Tyson“Baby You Can Drive My Car!”

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  1.   AllanahK Says:

    Thanks for the mention- I must have read last week’s iPod journey with Wes!

    We have gone into a bit of a recession over the holiday break. Last year we recorded a whole lot of poems to record while we were on holiday. This year we were just too busy.

    Look for more good stuff when school goes back in February.

    I am changing class level next year (7-8) year olds)- younger kids with no experience of podcasting.

    It will be a golden opportunity to do some action research on the benefits of podcasting.

  2.   diane Says:


    Viva alphabetical order!

    It sounds like you have enough excellent resources to carry you through any contingency. And it doesn’t hurt to check into the “real” world of radio occasionally to see what’s shaking in the non-edutech realm.

    Now if only we could get Twitter to understand the value of logical sequencing in lists of contacts…

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3.   technotuesday Says:

    Hey Diane! I still owe you a photo of my modeling the scarf and gloves. It will probably a new post soon! I can’t wait to sow the scarf off in Philly!


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