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Since I am reflecting on podcasting, I thought I would share some of my favorite podcasts that I subscribe too. Some people ask when do you have time for all this stuff? That’s just part of the huge misconception of blogging and podcasting. Those not in the know think I spend 24/7 thinking about or doing the blogging and podcasting, and have no time or life. How untrue! Because I have discovered and use rss readers (Bloglines) and podcatchers (iTunes), I get to choose when and where I want to bother with them! No I do not do it everyday. Not enough time. Never do I spend the school day doing it. I only occasionally pop into Twitter during the school day, usually during my lunch break. I pretty much take a complete break from my RSS reader and iTunes Friday, most of Saturday, and some of Sunday. It is the precious time spent with family, especially now that we are living roughly 170 miles apart (for those who don’t know, I am a weekend wife and Mom!)

Most of primetime TV does not interest me either. So I fill my free time away from work doing assorted things, and some of it is reading blogs and listening to podcasts. I will share some of my favorite podcasts with my network today. I you read this and know of a podcast you think I would like, PLEASE send it my way. I catch up most of my podcast listening during that 3 hour drive home on the weekends, and I’m always looking for fresh voices and ideas to challenge my thinking. Going to be way behind this weekend b/c they came to spend it with me instead. (NOTE: I choose to go to them on the weekends b/c we are all heavily connected at church there.)

This will be a somewhat annotated list:

EdTech Talk – Women of Web 2.0by Cheryl Oakes, Jennifer Wagner, Sharon Peters, & Vicki Davis, four gals from around North America (US & Canada) invite popular guests that model authentic use of web 2.0 tools get together almost every Tuesday night to gab. They interact with the chatroom too, and I generally try to be there live in the chat. It’s quite addictive, and I have known there to be over 60 visitors in the live chat. Sometimes I listen live AND listen to the podcast later b/c so much can be going on the backchannel chat that I miss part of what’s actually happening with the guest. It’s approximately one hour, and probably my favorite educational one. I used to watch House on TV during this show, but no more-and my family is stunned. WOW2 gets higher billing for me than a popular TV show. Bonus–it is NOT just for women. There are regulars who are men that tune in too! EdTech Talk also has other shows I listen to via podcast mostly, like It’s Elementary, EdTech Talk, Teachers Teaching Teachers, EdTech Brainstorm, and more. I highly recommend all of them.

Tech Tip Chicks – Anna and Helen are two Texas teachers who get together and vocally reflect on education in general, and give frequent reviews of web applications, software, hardware, what’s new, and what’s popular. Their byline reads “Tips and tricks for gadgets and software for your digital life given by two Texas chicks obsessed with anything digital.” The podcast is geared specifically to educators interested in integrating technology into their curriculum. They are fun and I really enjoy listening to them.

Bit by Bit with Bob Sprankle, Alice Barr, and Cheryl Oakes – The show shares thoughts, opinions, tips and more about technology in education. Bob Sprankle captured several of the BLC Conference as well as other conference sessions (with permission of course) and later released them as podcasts. How else would I ever get to hear Will Richardson speak outside of NECC?

Connect Learning w/ David Warlick – Rarely does David Warlick podcast his own sessions at the many conferences he presents at, but he does podcast something interesting. Generally he will ask anyone interested to stay and in a round table format, ask thought provoking questions and allow the group to respond. It’s very informal but interesting none the less. Sometimes he gets one guest if they have really intrigued him, and lets the show revolve around an interview with the person. His podcasts are short, generally fifteen minutes or less, and do not have a regular interval. Sort of like when the mood strikes him I guess.

Driving Questions w/ Kevin Honeycutt – Here is how he describes it: “As I drive all over the place working with educators, I have questions. I listen to audio books from great educational thinkers to pass the time and I think…a lot. I talk to my laptop, my co-pilot, but I’m always looking for new thinkers who want to carpool!” Wow I find that I feel the same. I love that Kevin does not use special equipment, but rather his laptop in the seat beside him. When he is charged or pumped about a workshop or session, he shares through his podcast on the way home, so you get it FRESH and raw straight from his churning mind as he drives to and from work. Great idea Kevin. My favorite episode had Kevin brainstorming the truck that died on him as he was traveling/podcasting, and his audience got to really see his reflective practice as he tried to figure out how to get it fixed and get home. Most of the time thought it’s teaching and technology.

Geek!Ed! is a frequently-weekly netcast produced by five geeks (and occassional guests) from Pinckney Community Schools, MI. Chris and Diane are technology teachers (they have art degrees), Ted is the resident uber-geek and network Guru (he’s the guy who keeps the whole network operating and secure), Michael does staff development in technology (he has a theatre degree) and Tom is the District Technology Coordinator (he can use UNIX commands). We’re geeks in education who are geeked about the impact of technology on education.

Ideas and Thoughts from an EdTech – Dean Shareski – Dean has an occasional podcast that is an extension of his blog that goes by the same name. Recently i won an EdTech Posse Mug from him JUST b/c I listened to the most recent post and commented on his blog with the winning word!! He and his EdTech Posse discuss education, and the last podcast focused on who the agents of change are in education. He referenced media specialists as one! WOOT!

Leo LaPorte – The Tech Guy – Okay often Leo talks over my head. But this is radio show that is podcast. He takes calls and answer questions. Sometimes I have no idea what they are talking about, but other times I can’t believe someone asked some questions that (egads) even a teacher knows. It introduces me to knew things too.

Wes Fryer’s Moving at the Speed of Creativity – Well I cannot even begin to describe what all I get from this podcast. I find that I am checking Wes’s material all the time to come back and reread when I can truly process all that he shares. Wes freely provides me with opportunities to listen in on his professional development offerings at conferences, as well as other speakers and their content. I NEVER miss his podcasts. He posts fairly frequently, and its always worth the time spent listening. He has covered everything from using VoiceThreads and digital storytelling to cyberbullying. Great speaker and great content.

The Tech Teachers – Ray and Hollye are two teachers who like to get together and talk technology in the classroom. They have a lot of fun, these two. They are from Kansas City, MO, and part of what makes me like the duo is how they compare the Mac to the PC, especially in terms of web 2.0, educational technology, authentic integration, and the introductions of cool gadgets or websites to use.

TedTalks (video podcast) This show is targeted to business folks I suppose–I don’t really know. It came highly recommended from my network, and I really kind of like it. It’s only wants fifteen minutes of my time, and its byline goes something like this:  “Inspired talks be the world’s greatest thinkers and doers.” I listen on my iPod but it is a video. Sometimes it’s so good I MUST go back and watch. Just watch the one with Lessig about creativity. You’ll be hooked too.

I also listen to a favorite soap (Guiding Light) and several from NPR. I also listen to my sister’s church in Charleston (Seacoast West Ashley.) There are many others, but they don’t update regular enough or frequently enough to share.
This is why I had to have a new iPod when I sank mine back in late September. Now that you know my favorites. Please share yours!


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7 Responses to “Favorite podcasts”

  1.   Alice Barr Says:

    Thanks for adding SEEDlings@BitbyBit to your favorite podcasts. We sure have a good time putting it together! I too, have found poddcasts to be a fantastic professional development tool. I commute 45 minutes in each direction to work and have learned so much in the past year through various podcasts. There are two from your list that I will be adding to mine. Thanks for sharing!

  2.   diane Says:


    Thanks for the list! Although I can’t live without my RSS feeds and blogging, I really haven’t explored podcasts yet (the iPod I got for my birthday last may is still unopened in its package).

    I tend to dive in over my head when I explore new tools, so I’ve probably been holding back subconsciously until I was read to commit a chunk of time to a new interest.

    Well, next week I only have two days of school, so there’s no excuse. Podcasts or house work…hmm.


  3.   Pam Shoemaker Says:

    Nice list – I enjoy many of the same podcasts as you, and I will check out a few that I am not familiar with. I recently subscribed to a few non-educational podcasts – NPR News & The Daily Boost. With the election a year away in the USA, I am also interested in finding one that presents both sides of issues…haven’t found it yet.

  4.   Sarah Sutter Says:

    Great post Kathy – I just did something similar to share my favorites with the staff in my school.

    There are several overlaps – and you have a few new ones for me to check out (Leo Laporte and Dean Shareski). One on my list that’s not on yours is November Learning podcasts from Alan November.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5.   Helen Says:

    Cathy–thanks for the nod–we really have fun putting the podcast together, but it’s nice to know that we have listeners! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog posts as well. Have a happy thanksgiving!

  6.   Cheryl Oakes Says:

    Thanks Cathy! My question for you is when will we be adding your podcast to our list. Nice job explaining the time issue and how you get your blogs and podcasts.
    Go media specialists!!!
    PS, thanks for your kind words about listening. It is amazing all the great knowledge we collectively share. Over and Out!

  7.   technotuesday Says:

    Oh but Cheryl there is an idea in its infancy for a group podcast that may yet come to fruition…we shall see!


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