Im a winner!

Thursday, November 8th, Dean Shareski and friends published a podcast where they interviewed Bud Hunt (AKA Bud the Teacher.) If you don’t listen to this podcast you should.  They truly rocked my world Thursday as they turned from topic to topic. My favorite part of the conversation was how the teacher librarian is in a position to be a change agent in a school.  Oh wow do I ever know that? Anyway, they have this mug with the logo EdTech Posse, and were promoting it if someone would just post to the shownotes or blog the term they discussed with Bud, which was “Venn Diagram.”  I am amazed that I was the first. Since I didn’t catch the other members’ names interviewing Bud, I posted it on Dean’s and the podcast show notes–I won!! WOOT. I guess that makes me a virtual honorary member of the EdTech Posse!

Here’s a pix of the mug and the notification. See? I knew reading all them blogs and listening to those podcasts would pay off. Actuallly they have in many ways, more than I can even begin to describe.  DOUBLE WOOT!



5 Responses to “Im a winner!”

  1.   Dean Shareski Says:

    I guess now we’re obligated to send it out now that you’ve published my email. ;) Congratulations.

  2.   technotuesday Says:

    I do love contests Dean!

  3.   diane Says:

    Cathy, you’re a winner in the best possible sense of the word.

    I clink my wineglass (it’s that time of night) with your mug and celebrate collaboration and exploration in this great new world of connected learning.

  4.   a. woody delauder Says:

    That is one hip cup! I’m definitely jealous.

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