Professional development overload?

SCEdtech concluded yesterday at 1:30 with a wonderful awards luncheon.  My friend Chris Craft was a Tehnology Innovative Program (TIP) Award winner, and was presented with a SMART Board and handhelds to go with it.  WOOT.  I suggested Chris apply last spring, telling him he was a shoe-in.  Chris, you are well on your way to amazing things! (I’m predicting an early retirement from teaching and perhaps a job as consultant.  PS-thx for unmuting my Mac Friday morning.)

I went to three sessions yesterday–one on photo storage sites, one on using Lexiles, and one on using digital storytelling to address hot topics at school.  All three were excellent, even if nothing new to me.  That’s okay though, b/c my twitter invited me to join in three sessions going on at a conference in New York City–TechForum.  I was invited in to listen to Alan November, and then simultaneously Steve Dembo and a panel discuss Web 2.0, AND  into a session with David Jakes on Digital Storytelling.  It was tricky but worth it. It was a series of tabs and mutes, and I know the people sitting around me wondered what on earth i could be typing or why i giggled out several times.  The act of doing this really makes you feel giddy, and at times you forget where you really are. (NOTE: You can view some of the videos on Lisa Parisi‘s wikispace–here’s her twitter: All videos and chats that could be saved.) Steve Dembo maybe addinghis there on Monday.

It feels strange to say that I was absorbing information from ALL OVER the world during my morning but I was.  You see, I was reading emails and my bloglines,  following Twitter, attending sessions at SC Edtech, viewing sessions in NY’s TechForum, AND participating in chatrooms set up for TechForum.  Oh wow. My brain hurts.  If that’s not enough, on my three hour drive home to be with my husband and family, I listened to Dean Shareski and other K12 Online Conference sessions. Dean’s was so good audio-wise, I had to go home and view the video that was also available. It ROCKED!

This is what it’s all about. PD anytime, anywhere.  I do not have to attend a conference to get it. Getting to go is just ICING on the cake.  Thanks to all who attended and presented and made this year’s SC Edtech a blast–even if you were not there, but somewhere else in this WWW..

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