bad news for my ipod

It’s been struggling lately. It’s a couple of years old.  I can’t say what generation it is, but it would hold 60 gb.  Not a video ipod either, but one I had become VERY attached to.  It had music, audiobooks, pictures, podcasts, and more on it.  I will miss driving to and from work listening to the podcasts, and for the next few days or so burning a cd of my material, since I truly have begun to DETEST general radio, am or fm.  It’s been having trouble synching up to iTunes–but after most of the time 2 tries, it would synch.  But yesterday morning, as I stood at the sink, I dropped it–into the tiolet. Splash. I heard it hit the water, but did not register what had happened immediately. I turned from the mirror and nearly fainted.  BUMMER.

I turned off the power and tried to shake out water. I put it in a place to dry. (This happened to my son’s cell phone, and once it dried, it worked.)  This evening, about 36 hours later, I tried to turn it on. Nothing. I plugged it in to charge, and I could read very lightly–low battery.  Then that went away, and now there is nothing.  I think its history.  This stinks.

Oh well, maybe I’ll be shopping sooner than I thought for a new iPod.

4 Responses to “bad news for my ipod”

  1.   sunnywilliams Says:

    It is just a great excuse to get a new one! They are pretty cool.

  2.   Kitty Forbus Says:

    I’m going to ask for an ipod for Christmas. Let me know what kind you recommend:)

  3.   Brad Says:

    Guess it’s a good thing that the new video nano just came out.

  4.   Eric P Says:

    My 2 year old 60G photo ipod died this summer. Headphone jack stopped working and the little on off switch was intermittent. I thought I had lost a friend since I listen to podcasts to stay up on tech, education and other happenings.

    Won a 30G Video ipod at EDUWeb and was back in the saddle again. Having an ipod has changed my life and I know that sounds weird. I think I hear a blog post coming.


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